COVID-19 Office Update


Please call our office for a complete update on how we are keeping our office safe for our patients, providers and staff.  We would be happy to send you a copy of our Office Sanitation Statement.  We follow the guidelines recommended by the CDC and OSHA for health care facilities in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Below are links which will take you to these guidelines and recommendations. We regularly update ourselves on developments. 

  • Please wear a mask to all appointments. 

  • Additional screening questions may be asked of you when scheduling or coming to your appointment.

  • Every healthcare provider and staff member conducts a health screening of themselves daily.  We wear masks. We wash our hands, wear gloves and/ or use hand sanitizer of 60% alcohol or greater after every patient touch, contact or treatment.

  • There is no communal use of pens, computers or magazines.  We encourage patients to use "contactless payment" options.

  • We have improved our air ventilation by installing an air purification unit called a Reme Halo into our HVAC system which uses UV light and hydrogen peroxide ions to purify the air circulating throughout the office and in all treatment rooms.  

  • We use EPA approved cleansers on all surfaces between each patient.  This includes: treatment equipment, tables, counter tops, chairs, door handles, bathroom (toilet, sink knobs, door handles, soap dispensers, handicap railings), water dispenser knobs, and any other surface contacted by a patient.  Electrodes used with electrical muscle stimulation are disposed of after each use. All sheets, blankets and face cradle covers are washed with detergent and a laundry sanitizer after every use. In addition to daily cleaning, we have a professional cleaning performed in the office on a regular basis.

  • Vendors who enter our office are required to wear masks and follow all guidelines.

  • Please inform us if your health has changed or if: you have a fever or a cough or have spent time with anyone who has a fever or a cough. 

  • Let us know if you, or anyone you have spent time with, has tested positive for COVID-19, Post-pone your appointment for at least 14 days. Please call your primary care physician or contact Cleveland Clinic Nurse Triage Hotline at 772-419-3360 open 8AM-5PM

Please call us with any additional questions.

Thank you.

Below is an address to a PDF manual by OSHA as well as additional guidelines and recommendations by the CDC which we reference. You may need to copy and paste these addresses to your browser if you can not click on them.


What you can do: Please keep yourself up to date by checking the following site on a regular basis;