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                                                                                           COVID-19 Office Update


  • Masks are recommended but not required. We recommend that anyone with a compromised immune system consider wearing a mask.

  • Every healthcare provider and staff member conducts a health screening of themselves daily.  We wash our hands, wear gloves and/ or use hand sanitizer of 60% alcohol or greater after every patient touch, contact or treatment.

  • We have improved our air ventilation by installing an air purification unit called a Reme Halo into our HVAC system which uses UV light and hydrogen peroxide ions to purify the air circulating throughout the office and in all treatment rooms.  

  • We use EPA approved cleansers on all surfaces between each patient.  This includes: treatment equipment, tables, counter tops, chairs, door handles, bathroom (toilet, sink knobs, door handles, soap dispensers, handicap railings), water dispenser knobs, and any other surface contacted by a patient.  Electrodes used with electrical muscle stimulation are disposed of after each use. All sheets, blankets and face cradle covers are washed with detergent and a laundry sanitizer after every use. In addition to daily cleaning, we have a professional cleaning performed in the office on a regular basis.

  • Please inform us if your health has changed or if: you have a fever or a cough or have spent time with anyone who has a fever or a cough. 

  • Let us know if you, or anyone you have spent time with, has tested positive for COVID-19. Please post-pone your appointment. Please consider calling your primary care physician or contact Cleveland Clinic Nurse Triage Hotline at 772-419-3360 open 8AM-5PM

Please call us with any additional questions.

Thank you.

Information can and has evolved quickly on a regular basis and we may not be able to update our website as quickly as information can change. Up-to-date information on the virus can be obtained by clicking on the following link: 

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